Bybit crypto bot: How to use a Bybit bot?

Bybit crypto bot: How to use a Bybit bot?

The Bybit exchange stands as a prominent force in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape, marking its journey from inception to its current position of influence. Founded in 2018, this exchange has navigated the turbulent seas of the crypto market to emerge as a reliable and innovative platform for traders worldwide. Bybit is characterized by its commitment to a diverse set of features for users and focus on security. It has an impressive track record of growth and development and excels in margin trading, futures trading, and derivatives trading. That’s why there are multiple options for a Bybit crypto bot.

A notable distinction is the licensing of Bybit to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) via the Dutch company SATOS. Bybit purchased SATOS and thus indirectly obtained the license. This license further underlines Bybit’s commitment to regulatory compliance, building confidence among traders and investors. Bybit’s compliance with SATOS regulations marks a crucial step towards establishing a secure and regulated trading environment within the crypto space.

Key features that define Bybit’s stature include its low fee structure, high trading volume, exceptional uptime record, and robust API connection for seamless trading experiences. These attributes make Bybit an attractive platform for both novice and experienced traders, positioning it as a competitive player in the crypto exchange arena.


Understanding Crypto Bots

Crypto trading bots, or automated trading assistants, have become essential tools for traders in the volatile cryptocurrency market. These sophisticated software programs execute buy and sell orders on behalf of traders, analyzing market data to identify trading opportunities and executing trades with speed and precision. They can be programmed to follow various trading strategies, such as trend following, arbitrage, and mean reversion.

The evolution of crypto bots is driven by the increasing complexity of the market, which is characterized by numerous cryptocurrencies with unique attributes and price movements. Crypto bots are unique in their ability to adapt and respond to real-time market conditions, using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to make split-second decisions to capitalize on price differentials and market inefficiencies.

They also operate 24/7, allowing traders to seize opportunities even in their absence, eliminating the emotional aspects of trading and preventing impulsive decisions and losses.

Advantages of Using a Bybit Crypto Bot

Using a crypto bot on Bybit offers a myriad of advantages that can significantly enhance your cryptocurrency trading experience. Bybit, as cheapest crypto exchange, has evolved to become a preferred platform for many traders, and when coupled with the capabilities of a crypto bot, it becomes a powerful tool for navigating the digital asset markets. Here are the key advantages of using a crypto bot on Bybit:

  1. Low Fees: Bybit is renowned for its competitive fee structure, offering some of the lowest trading fees in the cryptocurrency industry, resulting in cost savings for traders, particularly those involved in high-frequency trading or large volume transactions.
  1. High Trading Volume: Bybit boasts a robust trading volume, which is essential for traders seeking liquidity and efficient order execution. High trading volumes mean that there are ample opportunities to enter and exit positions without significantly impacting market prices.
  1. Reliability: Bybit has established a reputation for its reliability and stability. Traders can continue to rely on the platform’s infrastructure for uninterrupted trading. The low outage history of Bybit ensures that traders can execute their trading strategy without concerns about system failures.

More advantages

  1. Strong API Connection: For crypto bots, a stable and well-documented API connection is crucial. Bybit offers a dependable API that allows bots to access real-time market data and execute orders seamlessly. This reliability is paramount for ensuring that your crypto bot performs optimally.
  1. Security: Bybit prioritizes the security of its users’ assets. The exchange continues to implement robust security measures, including cold storage of assets, two-factor authentication (2FA), and regular security audits. This focus on security provides peace of mind to traders using crypto bots on the platform.
  1. Advanced Order Types: Bybit provides advanced order types like limit orders, market orders, and stop-limit orders, which are crucial for executing complex trading strategies, allowing a well-configured crypto bot to fully utilize them.
  1. Time Efficiency: Bybit crypto bots can operate 24/7, eliminating the need for traders to constantly monitor the markets. This not only saves time but also allows traders to capture opportunities that may arise outside regular trading hours.

Risks for Bybit Crypto Bots

Bybit’s crypto bots offer numerous benefits, but traders must be aware of potential risks in automated trading due to the dynamic crypto landscape, and implement safeguards to protect their investments. Here’s an in-depth discussion of the risks and ways to safeguard your crypto bot trading on Bybit:

  1. System Failures: Crypto bots are software programs, and like any technology, they can experience system failures. These failures may result from bugs, glitches, or technical issues on the exchange. To safeguard against system failures, regularly update your crypto bot to the latest version and keep an eye on announcements from the bot’s developers regarding known issues and fixes.
  1. Hacking: Cybersecurity threats persist in the crypto world. Malicious actors may attempt to compromise your crypto bot or Bybit account. To enhance security, use strong, unique passwords for your accounts and enable two-factor authentication (2FA).
  1. Market Volatility: Cryptocurrency markets are known for their price volatility. Sudden and sharp price movements can lead to unexpected losses, especially if your bot’s trading strategy is not well-calibrated. To mitigate this risk, thoroughly backtest your trading strategies using historical data before deploying them in real-time.

More advantages

  1. Over-Optimization: Over-optimization occurs when a trading strategy is tailored too closely to historical data, resulting in poor performance in real-world conditions. Avoid over-optimization by regularly rating crypto bot and adjusting your bot’s parameters to adapt to changing market conditions.
  1. Lack of Monitoring: Crypto bots can run independently, but continuous monitoring is necessary. Investors should keep up with market developments and be ready to step in if their bot runs into unforeseen circumstances.
  1. Onrealistische verwachtingen: Crypto bots zijn krachtig maar niet onfeilbaar. Verwacht gegarandeerde winsten en diversifieer je portefeuille om het risico te spreiden, aangezien de cryptomarkt onvoorspelbaar kan zijn en verliezen mogelijk zijn.
  2. Lack of Technical Knowledge: Building and configuring a crypto bot requires technical knowledge. If you lack the expertise, consider using off-the-shelf solutions like Thriven’s crypto bots, which are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to traders with various levels of experience.
  3. Regulatory Changes: Cryptocurrency regulations can change rapidly, potentially affecting your trading activities. Stay informed about regulatory developments in your region and adapt your trading strategies accordingly.

To ensure safe and profitable crypto bot trading on Bybit, traders should approach automation cautiously, stay updated on the crypto landscape, implement robust security measures, diversify investments, and use risk management techniques to protect capital.

Bybit’s Own Crypto Bots: DCA and Grid Bot Revisited

Bybit offers its proprietary crypto bots, including the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) and Grid bots, providing traders with tools to automate specific trading strategies. These bots have gained popularity for their ease of use and versatility, but it’s crucial to understand their capabilities and limitations while recognizing that user expertise plays a significant role.

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Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Bot

The dollar-cost averaging approach is automated by Bybit’s DCA bot, which invests a specified amount regularly regardless of the asset price. By distributing purchases across a range of price points, it enables users to gradually amass cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, lowering market volatility.


  • Simplified Investment: DCA requires minimal user intervention, making it suitable for beginners.
  • Risk Mitigation: Spreading purchases over time reduces the risk of investing all funds at a high price point.


  • Limited Flexibility: DCA bots may not adapt well to rapidly changing market conditions.
  • No Profit Guarantee: While DCA can reduce risk, it doesn’t guarantee profits in a volatile market.
  • Loss in a falling market: In a falling market you lose money with DCA because the value of the asset you have invested in goes down.

Grid Bot

Bybit’s Grid bot is designed for grid trading, a strategy where traders place buy and sell orders at predetermined price intervals to profit from price fluctuations.


  • Potential for Profits: Grid trading can generate profits in ranging markets.
  • Automated Execution: The bot automates the execution of grid trading strategies.


  • Complexity: Grid trading can be complex for inexperienced traders.
  • Risk in Trending Markets: Grid trading may lead to losses in strongly trending markets.

Bybit’s DCA and Grid bots are useful tools, but they are solutions with risks linked to expertise. Users should understand their chosen strategy, set appropriate parameters, and monitor their bot’s performance regularly. These bots are most effective when used by those with a solid understanding of trading concepts and market dynamics.

Automated investing via Smart DCA?

Read about smart investing via smart DCA; a strategy that tries to improve DCA (periodic investing).

Crypto trading strategy

Automated investing via Smart DCA?

Read about smart investing via smart DCA; a strategy that tries to improve DCA (periodic investing).

Bybit’s crypto bot toolboxes

Bybit’s DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) and Grid bots are powerful tools for crypto traders, but they function more as toolboxes than one-size-fits-all solutions. Mastering these bots requires a deep understanding of how they work, parameter selection, and vigilant monitoring.

Understanding DCA Bot as a Toolbox

The DCA bot’s primary objective is to automate the dollar-cost averaging strategy. It allows you to accumulate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum over time. However, it is important to recognize that the DCA bot provides the framework, but you must fill in the details and already have cryptocurrency (stafelcoin) in your wallet. So, it is not automatically debited from your bank account.

  1. Frequency and Amount: Determine how often you want to make purchases and the fixed amount you’ll invest each time. This decision should align with your investment goals and risk tolerance.
  2. Choice of Cryptocurrency: Select the cryptocurrency you want to accumulate. The DCA bot allows for flexibility in this regard.
  3. Market Conditions: Keep an eye on market conditions. If prices become extremely volatile or experience a significant downtrend, you might want to adjust your bot settings accordingly or even pause it temporarily.
  4. Monitoring: Regularly review your bot’s performance and make adjustments as needed. It’s not a set-and-forget tool; active involvement is essential.

Understanding Grid bot as a toolbox

The Grid bot is intended for grid trading, which is putting buy and sell orders at predetermined price intervals. Consider the following to master it:

  1. Grid Parameters: Set the price range and grid size. Smaller grid sizes might generate more frequent trades but with smaller profit margins, while larger grids can capture bigger price swings.
  2. Capital Allocation: Determine the appropriate capital allocation for the bot, ensuring it aligns with your overall trading strategy and risk management.
  3. Market Analysis: Grid trading requires an understanding of market conditions. Analyze whether the market is ranging or trending, as this will impact the bot’s performance.
  4. Adjustments: Be prepared to adjust grid parameters based on changing market dynamics. A ranging market may require different settings than a trending one.
  5. Continuous Monitoring: Regularly review the bot’s activity and intervene if necessary. Grid trading can yield profits, but it’s not immune to losses.

Bybit’s DCA and Grid bots are highly effective due to their automation capabilities, but their effectiveness relies on mastering them as toolboxes, requiring a solid strategy, adapting to market conditions, and active monitoring by knowledgeable traders.

Thriven’s Off-the-Shelf Crypto Bot Solutions

Thriven, a Dutch crypto market player, provides Smart DCA and Auto Trading, two off-the-shelf crypto bot solutions developed by experienced experts with over two decades of experience, which are crucial in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency trading market.

1. Smart DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging)

Smart DCA is a crypto bot designed to simplify and optimize your long-term investment strategy. It is particularly suitable for people who want to accumulate Bitcoin or Ethereum over time. In addition to automatic and periodic purchases from your bank account, Smart DCA also sells in declining markets. As a result, Smart DCA tries to solve the main risk of DCA. This is what makes Smart DCA a standout choice:

  • Expert Development: Thriven’s team of experts developed this bot to help users get the most out of Dollar Cost Averaging, a proven investment strategy. The developers are all senior software engineers with trading expertise.
  • Ease and improvement DCA: The developed Smart DCA bot allows you to invest a fixed amount from your bank account at regular intervals, reducing the impact of market volatility on your overall investment. For example, you can invest in Bitcoin immediately after your salary. In addition, the crypto in your wallet is sold for a stablecoin if the market goes down. The strategy attempts to automatically buy back Bitcoin later, when the trend goes up again. This is a major drawback of the normal DCA strategy, which is addressed by Smart DCA.
  • Customization: Smart DCA simplifies investment processes and provides customization options, allowing users to adjust investment frequency and amount to suit their financial objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Automation: Smart DCA automates the entire process, sparing you the need to manually execute trades. This hands-off approach is ideal for investors who prefer a set-and-forget strategy.

2. Auto Trading

For traders looking to profit from short to medium term price movements, Thriven’s Auto Trading bot offers an attractive solution. Auto Trading is designed to track and automate Bitcoin and Ethereum market movements. The key feature of the strategy is mean reversion. The strategy assumes that the price always falls back after an abnormal rise or fall in the short term. Key features include:

  • Experienced Development Team: Thriven’s team of experts, with over 20 years of experience, has developed Auto Trading. Their insights and market knowledge are embedded in the bot’s strategy. The strategy is monitored by them every day and updated when necessary. The strategy is therefore always adapted to changing market situations.
  • Trend Following: The bot employs a trend-following strategy, aiming to identify and capitalize on upward price trends in the crypto markets.
  • Easy to Use: Auto Trading is user-friendly, making it accessible even to those without extensive trading experience. Users can start trading knowing that the bot is guided by an established strategy. This strategy is always monitored and adjusted where necessary by Thriven’s experts.
  • Risk Management: While Auto Trading seeks to profit from market trends, it also incorporates risk management measures to help protect your investments.

Thriven’s Smart DCA and Auto Trading are designed to simplify the crypto trading process, reduce learning curves, and offer seasoned professionals expertise. However, these bots come with inherent risks and market conditions can affect results, so users should be aware of these risks.

How to start from €0

Smart Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Choose your plan

    You can choose between 3 plans via subscriptions.

  • Register and onboard

    Follow the steps and get started with the onboarding.

  • Receive guidance

    Join the community and get the guidance from your plan.

  • Invest & trade automatically

    Enjoy smart investing (smart DCA) or automated trading.

Conclusion: Use Bybit with confidence

Crypto bots have become essential tools for traders on the Bybit exchange, providing precision and efficiency in exploiting market opportunities. Bybit, with its DNB license through SATOS, is a platform of choice for traders worldwide. Crypto bots, such as Bybit’s DCA and Grid bots, require trader expertise to reach their full potential. For experienced traders, this is a good choice. However, those with less experience can use Thriven’s Smart DCA and Auto Trading bots to improve their Bybit experience. These are designed for simplicity and can be used by both newbies and seasoned traders.

However, these bots are not infallible. For any success, it is critical to understand the risks and monitor the community for all information. Bybit and crypto bots will continue to reshape the crypto space, offering a mix of opportunities and risks. By embracing these technologies wisely, traders can confidently seize opportunities presented by the crypto world.

More information via an intake?

Schedule a free intake with Jaron and find out more about the possibilities at Thriven.

Trading strategy
Trading strategy

More information via an intake?

Schedule a free intake with Jaron and find out more about the possibilities at Thriven.

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