Trading crypto

Read the articles about crypto trading here to learn more about strategies and useful trading techniques

Trading crypto

Read the articles about trading crypto here to learn more about strategies and useful trading techniques

Trading crypto is very popular these days, but is often seen as a huge challenge. Many do not know where to look because of all the information that is displayed on the price charts, among other things. Where should you start and what should you keep in mind? These are questions that many people have. For this reason we have added this section to the academy.

In this part of the academy we teach you everything about trading crypto. Below we discuss, among other things, how you can best trade in cryptocurrencies. The articles below will help you further in the crypto trading world. We take you into trading crypto.

Crypto bot

Crypto bots and crypto automation by Thriven

Read about Thriven's crypto bots and automations. Determine whether automatic investing or auto trading with a crypto bot suits you.
Bybit crypto bot

Bybit crypto bot: How to use a Bybit bot?

Read about the Bybit crypto bot. Bybit offers a DCA and Grid toolbox bot. Discover the benefits, risks and an alternative crypto bot.
crypto bot

Crypto bot rating: 4 crucial steps

Read how to rate a crypto bot and what the 4 crucial steps are in this process. Then determine which crypto bot works for you.
Beste crypto trading bot

Best Crypto Trading Bot in 2023: Which Bot To Choose?

View the comparison for the best crypto trading bot in 2023. This provides clarity about what the best crypto trading bot is for you.
Goedkoopste crypto exchange

Cheapest crypto exchange in 2023

Discover here what the cheapest crypto exchange is in 2023. Read our comparison of the cheapest crypto platforms in the Netherlands.
Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin trading: How does it work and is it profitable?

Read how Bitcoin trading works and what strategies Bitcoin trading has. Also, learn whether buying and selling Bitcoin can be profitable.
Trading strategie

Trading strategy: successful crypto strategy

Read about successful crypto trading strategies. Determine which trading strategy works for you and what you need for success.
Crypto algorithm trading

Crypto algorithm trading: Pros and cons

Read about crypto algorithm trading and what it is. Also, you will learn about the pros and cons of crypto algorithm trading.
Auto trading

Auto trading: What is it and how does it work?

Read about auto trading and how it works. Pros and cons of auto trading are discussed, and tips to judge strategies are given.
Crypto trading bots

Crypto trading bots: Does a bot work?

Learn about crypto trading bots and the pros and cons of automated trading. Find out now if a crypto trading bot is something for you.
Crypto trading

Crypto trading: Can it be profitable?

Learn about crypto trading and its opportunities and pitfalls. Different crypto trading methods and their profitability are explained.
What is Technical Analysis

What is Technical Analysis (TA)? Information about TA

Read here what technical analysis is and how technical analysis works. You get all the information about technical analysis and TA indicators.
automated investing

Automated investing: Difference with manual investing

Learn about automated investing and manual investing here. This article covers the pros and cons of auto investing and manual investing.
Bitcoin and Stablecoin

Bitcoin and Stablecoin trading: How does it differ?

Read here about investing using our Bitcoin and USDT algorithms. What is the difference between the algorithms and which one suits you better? In this article we outline clarity around this subject.

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