Starters workshop

Crypto, charts and exchanges, trading or investing

During the Starters workshop, you can learn the basics of four financial topics. Every 1st Thursday of a month, the topic is crypto and Blockchain. During the 2nd Thursday of a month, the Binance exchange and charts are explained. On the 3rd Thursday of a month, the subject is crypto trading. During the 4th Thursday of a month, investing in general and portfolio building is discussed. Please note that we don’t give financial advise of any kind and that we only provide general financial education. We will never fit our education to ones personal situation or give unique recommendations.

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Starters workshop – Group workshop

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Practical information about this workshop

Practical information about this workshop

Booking could be done by following the booking process in the golden framework. The weekly rotating workshop is a group workshop and a time slot could therefore be booked up to 50 times. If a specific time slot is not available, please choose another day or time.

The duration of the Crypto and Blockchain workshop is 1 hour.

As most of our customers are Dutch, the default language of our workshops is Dutch. However, we can always provide the workshop in English.

There are no knowledge requirements for the weekly rotating workshop. We will also discuss the basics and background knowledge within this workshop.

The weekly rotating workshop can only be followed as a group. However, you should sign up individually.

The workshop is by default online.

The online weekly rotating workshop will be given via Zoom.

A laptop and a smartphone is required during this workshop.

Currently, we support payments through iDeal, Creditcard and PayPal.

As a consumer, you are authorized to cancel or reschedule an application for a workshop within 14 days by sending an email to: in which you clearly state that you wish to cancel or reschedule the workshop. If the workshop is provided within 14 days after the booking date, you will not have this possibility. You are entitled to submit a request with Thriven to cancel or reschedule the workshop up to 48 hours prior to the agreed timing of delivery of the workshop. In the situation of cancellation, a compensation of 50% of the agreed fees for the workshop will be due, taken into account Thriven’s preparation time and time made available for the workshop. Lastly, there will be no compensation of the agreed fees for the workshop in case that you are not present at the agreed time and location.

You can always reach us through Also, we provide live-chat via this website.